Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wage war against Hemp Rogue

Hemp plants began to appear in early summer in G├Âttingen public flower bed. Gerrit Lebensiek, head of construction and urban planning, quickly ordered them to tear up, he told the S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

"We treat it like a weed," he said. "This means that our team has been tearing the plant gardeners, have taken root out and throw it into a pile of weeds where they now turned into compost."

He explained that because hemp plants sown by pro-legalization groups are dominated Einige Autonome Blumenkinder men, they are not going to have a stimulating effect if swallowed. That, he said, the female plants that contain chemicals more interesting.

This means that the plant can be used to make compost "because they are mostly men, other plants will not start giggling when they are covered in it."

However, Lebensiek not want to take the risk. "We can not be 100 percent sure that they are only male plants," he told the newspaper.

Not only is it better to be safe than sorry, but the hemp plant is not, he felt, matched with floral city. "At Wartburg we have a decorative border with marigolds and begonias where marijuana is grown. Was just not suitable."

For now, Lebensiek have ridded Lower Saxon town horticulture hippie and he has asked all government employed gardeners to keep an eye out. It is not, he admits, something he could do himself. "I could not walk around the city all day checking that people do not sow the seeds," he said.